When giving up meat can sicken you?

Not everyone can/must become vegetarian.

When giving up meat can sicken you

Giving up meat is a decision that can make more harm than good. The best thing you can do is to eat less meat, to do it more seldom, and not to become vegetarian overnight, according to Mihaela Bilic, nutritionist.

The recommendation of the nutrition expert is to listen to your body and to choose the diet that suits you, instead of becoming vegetarian because it is trendy.

“There are people who have a preference for meat, as others prefer cheese and dairy products, or vegetables. We are all different, so we should adopt an eating habit that suits us, when our body feels well. If you opt for giving up meat and you notice that you are always bloated, that you gain weight although you don’t eat much, that you suddenly crave for sweets though till then you were not fond of them, that you no longer have any pleasure when eating – it means that being vegetarian is not for you.

When giving up meat can sicken you 2

No one should become a vegetarian because it’s trendy or because it’s healthier, but because he feels it. If your body does not want meat anymore, this is one side of the story; but if you do decide with your mind and reason to remove meat from your diet is another thing. To label the meat as the source of all evil, a kind of immoral product can be regarded as an extreme puritanism rather than a natural reality.

It’s not the meat that is the cause of our life problems, but giving up meat may become a problem for some of us.

If you are a carnivore, accept it and eat meat; we cannot change our nature and structure, a wolf in sheep’s skin can be really strange and ridiculous. Be genuine, moderate, and balanced; your health comes from diversity!”, wrote nutritionist.

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