You eat less during ovulation! Find out why!

As a general rule, women use to change their dietary behaviour around the period of ovulation, a phase of the menstrual cycle when they are most fertile.

You eat less during ovulation

According to recent statements of Andrea Meltzer, physician and professor within the Southern Methodist University in Dallas, “this is caused by physiological factors, an interaction between the hormones and the brain. I have noticed that, depending on the hormonal changes that take place in the body monthly, women tend to eat less around the period of ovulation”, says the physician.

The study has shown that most women are interested in their silhouette and what they looks like; they want to be more attractive, being very ambitioned to cut the number of calories and lose weight.

The researchers argue that there is also a psychological reason: it refers to the fact that women consume less food, and that’s because they want a fit body, in order to be more attractive.

You eat less during ovulation 2

At instinctual level, by involving physiological reactions, a woman enhances her attractiveness towards a man, as well as her libido during the period of ovulation when her appetite slightly decreases.

The study was conducted on a few groups of people; it has revealed that particularly the participants who did not use hormonal contraceptives were spurred to eat less and to lose weight when approaching the ovulation period. The other women, who used to take hormonal contraceptive pills, had no need to eat less depending on certain phases of their menstrual period.

Previously it was determined that women are more likely to wear “sexy” clothes, especially red clothes during ovulation, while men would be attracted by the smell of a woman’s body during that period.

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