Zinc – the mineral that enhances immunity!

Zinc is an essential trace element for the human body because it contributes to the optimum functioning of the immune system.

Zinc - the mineral that enhances immunity

It is involved in the metabolism of insulin, and plays an important role in the production of testosterone.

Zinc strengthens the immune system
In the cold season, our body fights against a series of viruses that cause many types of viral infections. We all know that the frequency of diseases is related to our immune system. In order to have a proper defence mechanism, we must have a balanced and varied diet. The experts recommend zinc as one of most important substances that contributes to our immune system.

It is effective in treating infertility
Lately, more and more couples are facing infertility issues. The causes may be multiple; if we refer to the male sterility, researchers have discovered that the lack of zinc in the body of a man disrupts reproductive function by decreasing sex drive, leads to a reduced sperm quality and quantity, being associated with impotence.

Smooth nails and skin, and shiny hair!
What happens when your hair and your nails get fragile? Hair becomes thin, and fingernails exfoliated. The experts explain that these problems are the consequence of the lack of some vitamins in the body, and zinc deficiency in particular.

Zinc - the mineral that enhances immunity 2

Zinc deficiency
Since zinc is found in small amounts in the human body, an insufficient intake, even for short periods of time, will disrupt the normal functioning of the organism. Without an appropriate intake of vitamins and minerals the body resistance decreases, thus we are exposed to various infections.

Zinc helps in the synthesis of protein, fatty acids and cell membrane. It is an important mineral for the nervous system, and the list goes on … Therefore, zinc deficiency leads to the emergence of a range of diseases.

Opt for spinach, seafood, beef, lamb, beans, nuts, and pumpkin seeds, to get the necessary daily amount of zinc.

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